Sherman Skolnick's Report - Admiral Boorda and General David McCloud and Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby and others assassinated - and more

Sherman Skolnick's Report

Since 1958 he has been a court reformer. Since 1963 he has been the foundr/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political murders. Since 1971, his comments have been on a recorded phone message he calls HOTLINE NEWS, on 24 hours per day and it is a regular phone call, not an expensive one: [773] 731-1100. Since 1991 he has been a regular participant and producer, and since 1995 he has been producer/moderator of "BROADSIDES", a one hour weekly taped public access Cable TV Show on IN CHICAGO each Monday evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable. The program reaches some 400,000 viewers each Monday night and outpulls three local commercial TV Programs. His comments have appeared on various websites that can be located on Internet through a good search engine. There are about 70,000 references to him and his work on Internet, some, of course, replications.
In 1973, Mr. Skolnick wrote a book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage", a heavily documented book dealing, among other things, with the sabotaged plane crash December, 1972, in Chicago, one month after Nixon was re-elected President. Twelve Watergate figures died when the United Air Lines plane pancaked just short of Midway airport. Dead in the crash zone were Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar and others linked to the Watergate Affair. She had in her possession over 2 million dollars in valuables obtained by blackmailing Nixon on his role in the 1963 political assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Skolnick's group "liberated" the entire unpublicized file of the National Transportation Safety Board, some 1300 pages of documented reports and pictures showing sabotage. Skolnick brought a suit against the NTSB contending sabotage cover-up. The NTSB re-opened their public hearings on the crash but continued to contend it was caused by "pilot error". Skolnick who was the star-witness at the re-opened hearings demanded that the NTSB panel disqualify themselves since most were financially tied to the airlines industry and that Rockefellers, owners of all three News Networks, and major owner of United Air Lines, wanted the matter censored. The NTSB panel refused to disqualify themselves and entered a whitewash report,condemning Skolnick and his associates. Thereafter, Rockefellers' lawyers harassed the publisher so that Skolnick's book was stopped in the printing cycle and no copies are now available.
More highlights of the work of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Their work in 1969, touched off the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history,the collapse of Illinois' highest court, the Illinois Supreme Court. As the head of his group, Skolnick directly accused the high court judges of bribery involving a banker who owned a bank right across the street from the high court's Chicago offices. Facing jail and on appeal to their court, the banker, the former Illinois Director of the Department of Revenue, Theodore J.Isaacs, won his criminal appeal by bribing most of the high court judges with stock in his nearby bank. Outraged by Skolnick's direct confrontation with them, the high court judges demanded that Skolnick disclose to the high court judges how he and his associates went about investigating the high court. When Skolnick refused to disclose, the high court judges had Skolnick, a paraplegic invalid in a wheelchair, hauled off to prison for "contempt of court". The imprisoning of Skolnick touched off a public commotion and the chief justice and an associate justice of the high court resigned, and a third accused high court judge suddenly died in the ruckus and Skolnick was vindicated. Caught up in a further mess involving the same bank was the former Illinois Governor by 1969 he was a federal appeals Judge in Chicago. Skolnick accused that judge, Otto Kerner,jr., of bribery as well. Kerner held press conferences and on all the local media called Skolnick a "liar". Despite his denials, Federal Appeals Judge Kerner was prosecuted and sent to prison, the highest level sitting federal judge sent to prison in U.S. history. Also imprisoned was Kerner's crony, former chief state tax collector Isaacs. Kerner died an ex-convict.
The work of Skolnick and his group touched off a series of bribery scandals by which from 1983 to 1993, 20 local judges and forty lawyers were sent to jail for bribery. Including: the Chief Judge of the Traffic court who said Skolnick with his accusations of bribery was "imagining" things. That Chief Judge was sent to prison for bribery and died an ex-convict.
In 1991, one sizeable conservative paper was the only one that dared run the story how Skolnick and his associates were the only journalists to attend a federal appeals court hearing in Chicago in a case involving suppressed bank records of the Chicago branch of Italy's largest bank,Banca Nazionale Delavoro, owned in part by the Vatican. The suppressed records, ordered so by state and federal regulators involved the secret private joint business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. After the hearing, in the back of the Federal Appeals Court, Skolnick interviewed two hearing participants who admitted to Skolnick that the suppressed bank records involved Saddam Hussein's private business partner, George Herbert Walker Bush, the then U.S. President. Sources had earlier informed Skolnick of that, and Skolnick, to be careful, asked the same question about that THREE times and each time, the answer was the same: Bush was the private business partner of Saddam Hussein in billions of dollars of oil-kickbacks paid to Saddam Hussein by the weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf. Skolnick is one of the only ones to have the more or less complete record on appeals in the case including the Affidavit of the CIA General Counsel, that revealing these matters would violate national security. The hearing participants said that revealing all this would cause a run on the banks worldwide and for that reason had to be suppressed.
In 1991, likewise published in that newspaper, "Spotlight", was Skolnick's exclusive story about the mysterious Bank of Credit and Commerce International: How the Bank of England for 30 days only had as a public record that BCCI bribed 25 per cent of both Houses of Congress, 108 Congressmen and 28 U.S. Senators. Although Spotlight did not publish Skolnick's list of bribed lawmakers, other authors claiming they got such details by other means, published some of the names thereafter in Media Bypass Magazine. It was basically the list of names, supplied to Spotlight but omitted from the published article.
Since 1995, Skolnick has put on Internet, exclusive details of the small group of highly--patriotic admirals and generals have repeatedly but unsuccessfully sought, as authorrized under the Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton on their documented charges of treason. If he arrested them for mutiny,they were prepared, if they survived, to defend themselves at Courts Martial with their documents proving he sold top nuclear secrets to sworn enemies of the United States, including Red China. Clinton has met from time to time in the White House with Wang Jun, the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Such matters have not been discussed in the mass media as they would embarrass and finger suupposed "Independent" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Wang Jun is Starr's PRIVATE law client. Also, Starr is the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese Government. Meaning that Clinton's Justice Department can whenever they wish prosecute and jail Starr as an UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist. Wang Jun is also the head of the Red Chinese Government operation, Poly Technologies, that makes and markets AK-47 submachine guns and has reportedly attempted to sell them to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist gangs. Were the Red Chinese hoping to instigate shoot-em-ups with local police all over the U.S. The following is a short-list of the U.S. flag officers assassinated becaused they opposed Clinton and under the Military Code sought to arrest Clinton, their Commander-in-Chief:
April 17, 1995, a planeload of top U.S. Military brass, assassinated when their plane blew up by sabotage near Alexander City, Alabama,including Clark Feister, an assistant Secretary of the Air Force, close friend of the then Secretary of Defense Perry; Major General Glenn Profitt II, director of plans and operations for the Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Also the one who had been head of a super-secret military agency that was called Army Security Agency. They had on onboard, to confront Clinton and the Pentagon with lies, a live POW, supposedly not supposed to exist, from Southeast Asia. They were prepared to show how top U.S. officials, also cronies of Clinton, were in the dope traffic from S.E. Asia, "the Golden Triangle", including George Herbert Walker Bush, retired Pentagon official General Colin Powell, and former Pentagon official Richard Armitage. Also assassinated to prevent a military coup: The highest naval officer in uniform, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy Boorda, assassinated in his office with several caliber weapons and disguised in the press as a "suicide". Also: General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District, site of the Early Warning System of missile attacks; murdered by way of a sabotaged air crash. Giving aid and assistance to these flag officers planning to arrest Clinton,was the former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, assassinated near his vacation home and falsely written off as an alleged "boating accident". Colby had been general counsel of the CIA's bank proprietary, Nugan Hand Bank and their successor and alter ego, Household International and Household Bank. Household has their world headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Prospect Heights, Illinois. Parked with Household was 58.4 million dollars of federal funds to make good the long-pending claims of Chicago-area caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti, that a series of banks, including Household, perpetrated a massive swindle on him. 50 million dollars of that was secretly transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas to try to cover up the embezzlement of 47 million dollars from Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to being federal criminally prosecuted and sent to prison for misappropriation. S & L owner Jim McDougal was murdered in jail the night before his testimony about all this. His ex-wife Susan has been repeatedly harassed to shut her up on what she knows about all this. Cong. Dan Burton [R., Ind.} started to put the details of the mysterious 50 million dollars and Clinton into the Congressional Record, 5/29/96, pages H5627-28. Was it blackmail, threats, or what? that stopped Burton from putting in ALL the details.

Sherman Skolnick's Report

Part 16 

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/10/02

If the American monopoly press told the truth, which they cannot do, what might the headlines be? Such as
In exclusive stories since 1995, we have told of a group of highly patriotic Admirals and Generals, in military jargon called flag officers, who opposed Commander-in-Chief Clinton. Under the Uniform Military Code, they felt authorized to arrest their Commander-in-Chief.
If Clinton arrested them for mutiny, they would, if not assassinated, defend themselves with their documented charges of treason by him. For example, that Clinton reportedly gave U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, who met Clinton from time to time in the White House.
The U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, provides
"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." (Emphasis added.)
As we have shown in our website series, "Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States", they are sworn enemies of the U.S. and have committed unpublicized murder and mayhem on U.S. soil and dominate the markets in Chicago while laundering the illicit proceeds of harvesting human organs from political dissidents for U.S. shipment and dope shipments through Chicago.
Of the original group of 24 such flag officers, ten have been assassinated, including some in a sabotaged military aircraft, near Alexander City, Alabama, April 17, 1995 (two days before the Clinton White House prior knowledge multiple bombings of a Federal Office building in Oklahoma City). And likewise murdered have been the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, highest naval officer in uniform, and Gen. David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Also snuffed out was former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, assisting this group in their planned arrest of Commander-in-Chief Clinton.
The group, subsequently enlarged, vows to arrest Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush. If Bush has them arrested for mutiny, they intend, if not assassinated, to defend themselves with their several documented charges of his treason. Included are
[1] Bush's acts of treachery against the American people, in secret deals he made with the Red Chinese, giving them U.S. financial, industrial, and military secrets.
[2] George W. Bush and Daddy Bush profitting from secret business deals with the bin Laden Family, in the U.S. and overseas, with them not on the outs with Osama, he and his CIA-trained out-of-uniform army being at war against the United States and being a sworn enemy of the United States; within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.
[3] Bush Family, including George W., Jeb, Neil, and Daddy Bush, profitting from treasonous secret business deals with some in the Saudi Royal Family, who are sworn enemies of the United States and financing secretly Osama bin Laden; within the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.
[4] Acts by Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by his father, with prior knowledge of 9-11 incidents. [5] Acts by Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by Daddy Bush, ordering and authorizing a military stand-down on the morning of September 11, 2001, aiding and abetting the murder of some three thousands persons, most of them U.S. citizens, within the United States of America.
[ 6] George W. Bush, as Commander-in-Chief, as supervised by Daddy Bush formerly head of the secret political police the CIA, authorizing and ordering the American CIA, in combination with other Americans and others, to allow, permit, and condone, and procure to be done, and acquiesce in the same, of the escape from being captured and brought to the U.S. for criminal trial, of Osama bin Laden, both prior to Black Tuesday and thereafter. Including but not limited to the time in the summer of 2001, when Osama was in the custody and control of an American CIA hospital in the Persian Gulf, and also in December, 2001, when the American CIA in combination with the CIA-created and subsidized Pakistan Secret Political Police permitted Osama to escape to refuge in a zone between Afghanistan and Pakistan and for a while into a moslem province of Red China.
The escape of Osama bin Laden was thus permitted and condoned, for among other purposes, as in documented charges by the top U.S. Military flag officers, to preclude the testimony of Osama in an American tribunal of he and his family's secret private business relations profitting the Bush Family.
Some top U.S. military flag officers are aware of the correctness and validity of our exclusive stories of George W. Bush and his male sex-mate since University and Skull & Bones initiation and up to date. These flag officers are gravely concerned with the national security ramifications of this relationship which is not a private and personal matter. The situation has caused the murder of a magazine photo editor as well as causing George W. Bush to be subject to blackmail and compromise of Bush resulting in his conveyance to sworn enemies of the United States, and giving them aid and comfort, of U.S. financial, industrial, and military secrets.
These flag officers are not the only ones that have confirmed that Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, as supervised by his father, was in a position to have prior knowledge of 9-11, resulting in the murder of some three thousand persons on U.S. soil, most of them U.S. citizens. At the behest of Daddy Bush and his son George, no prior warning was given to the American people.
Two major foreign news organizations, on their own, using their own investigative journalists, have verified to their satisfaction, the validity and correctness of our stories about the Skull & Bones initiation pictures, about the national security breaches caused by George W.'s relationship with his male sex-mate, and related details. The news groups, for the moment, have not yet publicized this situation. The White House has offered the respective governments where the news organizations are located, certain financial and other geopolitical benefits to have such governments invoke Official Secrets Acts type laws to deter going on the air or publishing the details as of now. Including but not limited to Canadian Broadcasting Company and British Broadcasting Company, London.
The French CIA, on occasion jointly with The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, are using their verification of the above for geopolitical and other purposes. For example, the French for some time have been interested in deterring the U.S. Justice Department in seeking to criminally prosecute fourteen French nationals reportedly involved in the theft, on U.S. soil, of U.S. industrial and financial secrets. The French hold the same cards as to the attack by missiles that brought down TWA Flight 800 taking off from New York for Paris. Among the 60 French nationals who perished, 8 were members of a super-elite group within the French CIA. Their team leader, however, refused to get onboard Flight 800 and thus survived. Israel, on the other hand, uses this data to blackmail funds out of the Bush White House. Surviving as a small nation perceived as being surrounded by religious enemies, Israel, in a real world, does what other nations do; they use blackmail to finance their survival and existence.
These major news outlets are aware that to preclude the use of Skull & Bones and other revealing pictures of George W. Bush, the photo editor was murdered, of American Media, Inc. Since that happening in October, 2001, the American Secret Political Police, including the FBI, closed indefinitely the supermarket tabloids' building in Boca Raton, Florida, the American Gestapo thus denying access to a database which reportedly has the pictures and authentication supporting the same.
To counter the possibility of a flag officers' coup against the Bush White House, a faction in the Aristocracy that supports and installed George W. Bush as a usurper of the Presidency, has certain plans to divert attention from the items mentioned herein. Their options include to allow, permit, condone, procure to be done, and acquiesce in, the bombing of U.S. Embassies and other overseas U.S. facilities, to be falsely blamed onto so-called "Arabs".
Another violent option is the setting off of already wired-with-explosives oil wells and oil pumping machinery, to cause a U.S. oil crisis, to divert attention from George W. Bush's national security violations and treasonous acts and doings as documented by the dissident flag officers. Vying to be again a major oil pumper, the Moscow government hopes to take advantage of such situation. As a former official of their Secret Political Police, Putin has an understanding with former Secret Political Police head Daddy Bush and his son George W., the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
So, which will it be? Coup? Or, Counter-Coup?
More coming.... Stay tuned. 

Sherman Skolnick's Report

by Sherman H. Skolnick 05/11/01

A possible split in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other federal agencies, may open up various possiblities as to what really happened as to the bombings in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. And we use the term BOMBINGS in the plural advisedly, because some explosives experts contend fertilizer bombs in a front-of-the-building truck could not have wrecked the building pillars as occurred.
Background President Clinton felt his power slipping away. The 1994 Congressional elections, considered by fellow Democrats as a Clinton-caused disaster, brought in a noisy GOP majority. In the spring of 1995, a small group of highly patriotic flag officers were plotting to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for giving military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the U.S.; an arrest provided for and authorized under the military code. As titular head of both the U.S. civilian and military Establishment, Clinton, on the other hand, could have arrested the 24 Admirals and Generals for mutiny. If they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with proof, such as Clinton giving, to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, in the White Houuse and elsewhere, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets. Giving aid and comfort to a sworn enemy of the U.S., the classical definition of treason.
Clinton felt he could nevertheless control the situation, notwithstanding the plot against him. Just prior to the 1994 elections was appointed to investigate Bill and Hillary, a supposed "Independent Counsel", Kenneth W. Starr. But Starr had built-in conflicts of interest, as Clinton was aware. Starr had as a private law client, Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Wang Jun also headed a Red Chinese military-owned company that made and marketed AK-47 submachine guns, intended for shipment to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs, for shoot-em-ups with big city police, to destabilize the U.S. government.
Moreover, Starr was reportedly the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government. Starr was thus subject at any time, to Clinton Justice Department punishment.
[Visit our extensive website series, "Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
On Monday, April 17, 1995, a military jet planeload of top military was enroute to Dallas. They had onboard what is not supposed to exist, an American prisoner-of-war, prepared to finger the Pentagon as perpetuated by Clinton, as continuing the POW/Missing in Action cover-up from the Viet Nam war. From sabotage, the plane blew up in the air, killing all onboard, near Alexander City, Alabama. The Pentagon made every effort to cover up what happened. Families of the victims were reportedly not permitted to have any possessions or details. There are strong reasons to believe the plane had a portion of a group of "Seven Days in May" style military officers plotting a coup against the White House. Thereafter, the small group of other flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb. A year later, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, apparently aware of the coup, was assassinated and covered up as a "suicide", a favorite whitewash by the monopoly press. And about the time of Boorda's murder, was assassinated William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence. He reportedly was assisting the plotters with detailed data. Colby's death was explained by the pressfakers as a "boat accident", although his friends contend it was murder.
Clinton, as President, was fully aware that Oklahoma City had as residents, a large number of Iraqi military officers and their families, some officers of Iraqi Intelligence units, supposed defectors after the Persian Gulf War, 1991, brought into the U.S. by President George Herbert Walker Bush. Iraq, as Clinton knew, was planning a revenge terrorist attack against a federal office building in Oklahoma City, using U.S. dissidents as surrogates, but insulated from the actual Iraqi handlers. The FBI, the CIA, and other in the intelligence community, have pictures and records showing the Iraqi military officers supervising the Murrah Building bombings. [Local Oklahoma TV reporters confirming this in part were fired or otherwise punished.]
Little if at all publicized was that prior to the Timothy McVeigh trial, the head of his defense team, Stephen Jones, filed an extra-ordinary petition in the Federal Appeals court, called Petition for Mandamus. It sought to force the Denver trial judge who was set to hear the McVeigh murder case removed from Oklahoma City, to release certain secret documents possessed by various federal intelligence agencies. Referring to the secret as well as public court records, Jones' Petition pointed out that U.S. intelligence agencies were aware of Iraqi complicity in the Murrah Building bombing. For apparent reasons of "national security", a catch-all whitewash excuse, the federal appeals court rejected the Petition and the McVeigh murder trial, minus the revealing records, proceeded.
A U.S. Secret Service Agent, Witcher, in a position to finger Clinton on other matters, was steered into occupying an office in the Murrah Building. He died in the disaster. [We have one of the few pictures of him.] Clinton, apparently faking remorse, later attended a memorial for the agent. At the time of the bombings, the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Fire-Arms, headquartered in the Murrah Building, was planning an exercise as to how to "sting" or flush out would-be domestic terrorists. Something went wrong with their "sting" operation. The BATF knew not to have their personnel in the Alfred Murrah Building on that Wednesday, April 19, 1995. A local fire official was likewise warned. So was a local judge in a nearby building, warned of an expected bombing that day.
Making a rare appearance on CBS' "Sixty Minutes" Program, Clinton described the tragedy as a "plot to overthrow the government". WIth his power and prestige waning prior to the bombings, Clinton with the complicity of the spy-riddled monopoly press, now urged the public to support and rally around their President. Clinton and the presswhores used the bombings as an excuse to want to punish and round-up U.S. domestic dissidents that were heckling the central government in Washington. [Similarly, when Adolph Hitler came to power, he had the German Parliament burned down and falsely blamed on dissidents, to consolidate his power and have an excuse to round-up opponents to the Nazi Party.]
Right before the scheduled execution of McVeigh, an apparent split has developed in the FBI. There is reason to believe the split is also in other intelligence agencies. The target of the divergence is both current alleged "President" or White House "resident" George W. Bush and former President Clinton. Through his father, George W. Bush is in a position to know, and want to cover up, the complicity of the Iraqi officers on U.S. soil in the Oklahoma City bombings. Also, former President Clinton, somewhere in the future, may well be subject to federal criminal prosecution for treason and the murder of the 168 who died in the Murrah Building bombings. Are other records about to be revealed? Some believe so.
Based on a little-known Federal case in Chicago, 1991, where I was the only spectator and journalist present, I did exclusive stories on how the Elder Bush in the decade of the 1980s, was a PRIVATE business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. Together, they shook down the weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf for billions and billions of dollars of oil kick-backs. The Persian Gulf War, in its simplest form, was merely two private business partners having a falling out and wanting to punish one another. Through foreign units of his firm, Halliburton, Vice President Richard Cheney has extensive business with Iraq on oil-country machinery and such. Prior to being Vice President, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton. Through Harken Energy, and a massive swindle, George W. Bush has extensive interests in the Persian Gulf and conflicts of interest as to Iraq as a so-called subdued "enemy" of the U.S.
More coming. Stay tuned. 

Sherman Skolnick's Report

by Sherman H. Skolnick 9/02/02

Do ordinary Americans understand espionage? Probably not. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press are not about to explain such things. Spies and such pretty much keep such matters to their own circle. Often, to understand current events, you have to have a good handle on the techniques of Empire.
It is no longer disputed. The United States of America has become the only remaining world power. Our enemies, once headquartered in Berlin, Rome, and Tokyo, are now trading partners with Washington, D.C. If they once tried to penetrate our secrets, to crush us, they now use their central banks to try to level off big movements against the so-called U.S. Dollar. And the Moscow government, once the center of our U.S.-created enemy, are now U.S. trading partners, ready to greatly supply our oil needs.
[See our prior website details on the US/USSR related books by Antony Sutton,as to the Moscow government.] To the American aristocracy, the true enemy has always been, and still is, the American common people. Unlike those overseas, we ordinary folk have never had a real revolution. Yet, we tend to be rebellious. Any great American populist prairie fire, that would tend to engulf the Central Government, has to be turned around. So aristocracy-selected and government-paid provocateurs have always been put in place to blunt the effects, for examples, of the Black/White Equal Rights demands, called the Civil Rights Movement, and the Anti-Viet Nam War movement.
Such gathering firestorms had to be and have to be controlled. So as to never point the flaming finger at the "Powers That Be":, the Establishment, the Ruling Class, or whatever else THEY are called.
In the years of those and related commotions, those of us who really understood, were heckled and kept from being widely heard. The doors of the monopoly press were closed to us. Or we were marginalized, as "conspiracy theorists", paranoid nuts, or worse. And, if you had not been heard THERE, then to many fellow Americans, you have not truly arrived. Those who the ultra rich could not any longer ignore, well, let us face it---the truth of what happened to them. Such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a list of others, had to be assassinated and the bloody deeds falsely blamed on patsies and lone nuts. And the scapegoats, blamed for the crimes, did not know they were operating on parallel tracks from the true aristocracy-arranged assassins.
In this series of website stories, we have tried to explain the reasons for what is happening. At the moment, there are certainly many poorly-informed who would dismiss these explanations as merely unfounded theories. How many years until the dark truth is no longer disputed and dismissed?
A device of high-level deception is the use of the parallel tracks. Carefully insulated from one another, like wires in a heavy-duty two-wire cable. Not to save money, using cheap wiring kept apart by paper thin covering.
The events known as 911, may in time be considered as the most treasonous and outrageous examples of this type of the craft of intelligence. On one track are the Arabs. Is that difficult to unearth an example of history, and somehow mobilize the Christian World against the Moslem World? Was it made clear to us in studying history in the more ordinary schools, that the Moslems were the winners in the Crusades? And which group were really the infidels?
Notice the spy tricks. Right after the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the mass media, the newsfakers, were handed from the American CIA, the whole alleged background of the aristorcracy-designated "lone assassin", Lee Harvey Oswald. Similarly, right after 9-11, Black Tuesday, a portion of America's secret political police, the FBI, released supposed pictures and details of the alleged Moslem hi-jackers. In round-the-clock coverage following the events, the press whores carefully ignored undisputed details. Namely, that at least seven of the so-called FBI-fingered plane-grabbers, were alive, according to their next of kin, and that such persons never left their overseas locations. And, that someone apparently duplicated or stole their identities.
Also suppressed have been details that some of the purported hi-jackers were stationed if not actually trained on U.S. Military air force bases,where they also resided.
After all, censorship often is simply not mentioning known facts when and where it would enlighten readers, viewers, and listeners. The four commercial airplanes involved in Black Tuesday, were Boeing aircraft of a type and model which are equipped with perfected computer hardware and software installed for emergency ground control. On the one hand, the cockpit crew can send a silent signal to the ground controllers of an attempted hi-jacking in progress. The ground crew can then over-ride the airplane on-board computer and remotely cause the plane to land at the nearest possible airport capable of handling such a plane.
On the other hand, on behalf of a group within the American aristocracy, some treasonous U.S. military and other officers and operatives, in and out of the government, used the built-in system, UNKNOWN TO THE COCKPIT CREW and commotion-makers onboard, to make the airplane's onboard controls inoperative. So the planes were secretly controlled from the ground. Smashed up was the U.S. Constitution to promote a new Hitler, for America.
The airplanes' black boxes either have not been publicly revealed or have been tampered with. This, was for the purpose of concealing that neither the so-called "hi-jackers" nor the cockpit crew knew the planes were remotely controlled. The Cockpit Voice Recorders as well as the Flight Recorders were tampered with, so as to conceal the parallel track deception.The "black boxes" if ever publicly disclosed, would show how the cockpit crews vainly tried to regain control of the planes, the onboard controls of which were secretly over-ridden from the ground.
[As to tampering with airplane "black boxes" after a sabotaged plane crash, visit our website series, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage".]
There are substantial questions whether ANY of the Arabs as would-be hi-jackers were on those planes. If they were, they were told it would be a standard hi-jacking. That is, with the plane and passengers held hostage while the plane was forced to land and worldwide publicized demands were made by the hi-jackers.
Not detailed in the monopoly press, some fire-fighters who survived Black Tuesday, contend there were explosions in the buildings, in a portion of the twin World Trade Center towers, separate and apart from the impact of the planes hitting the buildings. Was it a mere coincidence, that a company specializing in demotion of old, no longer needed tall buildings , was in charge of clearing away the debris after the WTC disasters? Were within-the-buildings explosives remotely triggered off to collapse the towers like done with old buildings? And there are good reasons to believe that within-the-building explosives caused the mysterious collapse, late on the evening of Black Tuesday, of World Trade Center Building 7.
To explain away growing questions about a U.S. Military stand-down the morning of Black Tuesday, the press whores are circulating stories. a year later, that only four un-armed military aircraft were available to guard the whole domestic Northeast section of the U.S. And that some of those pilots understood, or so they now say, that if necessary, they were to ram the airplanes in-flight, thus sacrificing their own lives.
In exclusive stories since 1995, we have told about the small group of flag officers, U.S. Admirals and Generals, who, invoking the Uniform Military Code, vowed to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treasonous dealings with Red China and others. If he had them arrested for mutiny, if they were not thereafter assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documented charges of his treachery. Of the twenty-four so dedicated to trying to save the nation, several have been murdered, including Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest naval officer in uniform, and General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. [Details are embedded in various of our prior website items.William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence, assisting this group, was himself assassinated.]
Surviving flag officers, aware of the specific treason of 9-11, have made some details known to more independent-minded journalists. Like they vowed to do with Bush Crime Family crony, Bill Clinton, they would like to arrest Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, and Daddy Bush, for the most infamous bloody crime against the American common people.
Who in the monopoly press dares ask a list of pointy questions? Why was the evidence, the metal parts of the collapsed towers, not kept to be analyzed? Why was the metal hauled away, with the aid of reputed underworld truckers, and then sold overseas to those nations pledging absolute secrecy of the contents? Certain flag officers contend their treasonous Commander-in-Chief, supervised by Daddy, ordered this to be done
Time will tell, whether we have a Congressional election in the usual manner. If confronted by a new, rebellious Congress, would Bushfraud (that is what we call the usurper), close down the U.S. parliament? He apparently has that power, referred to by a little known term, namely, to prorogue, that is, to order the discontinuance of a session of parliament.
More coming. Stay tuned. 

Sherman Skolnick's Report

Part 4

by Sherman H. Skolnick 11/13/02

The U.S. securities industry supposed federal watchdog has been rocked with allegations of apparent penetration by Red Chinese intelligence. Purportedly divulged was sensitive commercial-value data made known by, among others, U.S. computers firms, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Called CTRs, confidential-treatment requests, they are supposed to be kept secret by the S.E.C.
An S.E.C. employee, Mylene Chan, was reportedly fired. An online-service analyst, she reportedly states she resigned and was planning to leave the U.S. She denies wrongly divulging any such data. This type of information, CTRs, are confidential and secr et reports of U.S. firms that contain proprietary and other sensitive material that companies do not want to be public and other sensitive data the firms do not want to be available to competitors, such as in Red China.
The S.E.C.-Red China story was first revealed by the Washington Times, ostensibly owned by the Korean C.I.A. through Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has been accused of being part of a money laundry front to disguise, for tax evasion and other purposes, vast f unds from overseas firms, such as in South Korea. Some years ago, Washington was rocked by an earlier scandal when a purported official of the Korean C..I.A. was accused of massive bribery of various members of the U.S. House and Senate.
Long-time investigative journalist Robert Parry, formerly a correspondent for a major magazine, has written about and inquired into the shadowy doings of Rev. Moon, the Korean C.I.A., and George Herbert Walker Bush.
Parry's details have been publicized through a publication of his, Consortium News, and their website. Also see, "Dark Side of Rev. Moon Hooking George Bush", by Robert Parry. The opus details how Daddy Bush has been a form of lo bbyist and front man for Rev. Moon's purported money laundering through a South American publication and other worldwide money washing enterprises. See,
The Washington Times divulged the S.E.C.-Red China details in exclusive stories on 11/11/02 and 11/12/02.Other prior details have been contained in books by Washington Times writer,Bill Gertz, and in books, such as "Year of the Rat--How Bill Clinton Com promised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash", by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1998.
The reputed players in the Red China mess have NOT been divulged in the Washington Times currently or previously. Such as Prescott S. Bush, Jr., brother of Daddy Bush, and uncle of White House resident and occupant George W. Bush. Uncle Prescott, a East coast purported "investment arranger", has been head of the Chicago-based U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce. Some consider i t is no conincidence that the Red Chinese Secret Police have an apparent armlock on the Chicago markets, in the laundering of dope funds, weapons deals, and proceeds of smuggling of human body parts for transplant hospitals in the Chicago-area and elsew here. This is an open secret, but not mentioned in the liars and whores of the financial press, such as the Wall Street Journal. Reportedly involved are certain hotshot traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chic ago Board Options Exchange, as well as the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly known as the Midwest Stock Exchange and center of a messy purported tax evasion/embezzlement scandal implicating officials of the markets as well as Chica! go District IRS officials, according to those familiar with a long-pending Chicago court lawsuit).
Uncle Prescott reportedly was in some form or another, involved in highly questionable U.S.-Red China deals, on occasion with the participation of renegade and other officials of Israel intelligence, The Mossad. Prescott was ostensibly helpful in convey ing some 40 million dollars as a pay-off to Red China by George W. Bush, in April, 2001, shortly after Bush, Jr. occupied the White House. The clandestine funds were to encourage Red China to release a U.S. spy plane and a number of intelligence operati ves onboard when the plane was forced down by Red China and the operatives for a while held hostage.
[For related details, visit our website story, "Red China Gets Big Bucks in Secret Hostage Deals".] Prescott S. Bush, Jr. according to various published accounts, has reportedly arranged corrupt deals using the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. [See references available through search engines such as]
For data on the Japanese mafia operations in America, visit our website story "The Japanese Mafia in the U.S."
By the way, the Korean C.I.A.'s Washington Times stories, according to savvy sources, are calculated to blackmail the BushWhite House with undisclosed details such as contained herein, to prevent prosecution of the "moonies" as they are called as well a s a possible federal grand jury quiz directed at the Rev. Moon money laundering empire interwoven with the Bush Crime Family.
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. has also been an executive of Dresser Industries in which his brother, George Herbert Walker Bush had a financial interest in originally aiding the ruling dictator-family of Kuwait in oil development. Dresser, now a unit of Richard Cheney's Halliburton, has reportedly been implicated in secretly aiding Iraq defeat the embargo and supplying Iraq with oil patch machinery.
ALAN GREENSPAN. another player in the Red Chinese Secret Police penetrating U.S. company secrets, for many years has headed the Federal Reserve. With the use of his secret wire transfer authorization code, Greenspan has aided the Bush Crime Family, in m assive laundering of the proceeds from the Red China dope trade to the U.S., as well as the illicit funds from other dope smuggling, clandestine weapons deals, and covert political assassination funding. Used were the Bush Crime Family's 25 worldwide ac counts. Included is the Bush joint account with the Queen of England, through her private bank, Coutts Bank London. The authenticated secret wire transfer records are attached to our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", listing the accounts and passwords, including a one hundred billion dollar transaction through the Bush joint account with the British monarch.
The Bush secret accounts went on to not only launder funds of the Red Chinese Secret Police and their surrogate/agent Marc Rich (more about him later), but for what became Enron, Arthur Andersen, and such. A long-reliable top financial source has inform ed us that Greenspan claims he is tired of being used by the Bush Crime Family as well as General Electric Capital. Greenspan is married to his longtime girl friend Andrea Mitchell, NBC White House correspondent that seems to be part of the Red China-U .S. whitewash. She works for NBC, owned by General Electric which is seeking to be compensated for large funds they invested in India, in the terrible scandal there known as the Dabhol Project, am energy development involving also Enron. Richard Cheney and Colin Powell have reportedly been using their White House clout to pressure the India government to compensate the U.S. investors, including G.E.
MARC RICH, international swindler, arranging multi-billion dollar mineral and metal deals, and the laundering of illicit funds through the Chicago markets. He escaped from the U.S. and is holed up in Zug, Switzerland. He reporrtedly caused to be conveye d, as a bribe pay-off to Bill and Hillary Clinton, several million dollars. For this, Clinton as out-going President, at the zero hour in leaving office in January, 2001, granted a pardon to Marc Rich. Israeli officials including former Israel Prime Min ister Ehud Barak, pressured the Clintons and reportedly were the courier apparatus arranging the offshore depositing of the bribe funds. The Israeli officials confirmed to the Clintons that Marc Rich has aided and assisted the Israeli secret political p olice, The Mossad, in overseas clandestine projects involving among other things, huge transfers of covert funds.
The Pardongate scandal has been the on-going subject of inquiry by the Federal prosecutors in New York. They have submitted questions to Barak requiring him to answer. Unknown to them, Barak was recently in the U.S. Furious at him not answering question s as to the apparent bribery of the Clintons and related tax evasions, the prosecutors contend they will arrest Barak the moment he again sets foot in the U.S. The Israeli Embassy in Washington has warned recently about the possible arrest of Barak who is also believed to be a key player in the joint secret deals, Bush Crime Family, Red China, Israel.
A major Israel newspaper, in their English language edition, mentioned the possibility of Barak being arrested in the U.S. in the Marc Rich Affair. www.ha' 11/09/02
RAHM EMANUEL as former senior Clinton White House advisor was reportedly implicated in various illicit dealings with the Red Chinese penetrating U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets. A dual citizen, Israel/US. he left the U.S. about 1990 to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF After leaving the Clinton White House, where he served off and on for some six years, Rahm made a sizeable fortune apparently from the secret Red Chinese dealings to get at U.S. secrets, while Rahm Emanuel was a top official of the investment house, Wasserstein, Perella & Co. Rahm is ostensibly an accomplished participant in "political opposition research", a code name for compiling and using blackmail data.
Rahm Emanuel has used a portion of his apparently ill-gotten fortune to buy massive advertising and such, paving the way for him to win, as he did, the Illinois Congressional District previously occupied by defrocked Congressman Rostenkowski, convicted of embezzling sums from the House of Representives private bank. With his dual political loyalty as well, Rahm both supported Clinton publicly while he apparently manipulated him privately using reputed The Mossad controlled sexmate, Monica Lewinsky.
Rahm Emanuel has ostensibly functioned as The Mossad's Deputy Chief for North America. In the past, some of Israeli intelligence's top officials for U.S./Canada, were headquartered in Chicago, operating in part through Bank Leumi. [In 1993, through a on e-hour public access Cable TV program, we exposed the bank and a major spy/swindler, later jailed, aided and abetted by the bank allowing him under the table funds as "overdrafts", the Clifford Sugarman affair. He was jailed as a consequence of our tv s how.]
WAL-MART has been interwoven, as we have shown, with the Red Chinese Secret Police operations in the United States. Various contraband items are coming into the U.S. by direct flights to a huge new airport near the current Wal-Mart headquarters in Nort hwest Arkansas; direct flights from Red China, which bypass U.S. Customs inspections through tricks. Some of the goods sold by Wal-Mart at knockdown prices, destroying competitors like K-Mart, are produced by slave labor in facilities in Red China and S ri Lanka, controlled by the Red Chinese Secret Police.
FBI and the American C.I.A. have allowed, permitted, condoned, and acquiesced in the Red Chinese Secret Police committing murder and mayhem on U.S. soil, with impunity and immunity, since 1956. Reports by retired intelligence officials, as a team, have been ignored by the FBI and the CIA.
Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest navy official in uniform, headed a team of "flag officers", military lingo for Admirals and Generals, attempting from 1995 on, to arrest Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason, giving U.S. s ecrets to the Red Chinese. Ten of the team, to stop the efforts, were assassinated, including Boorda. We have mentioned this in prior stories.
RON BROWN, as head of the U.S. Commerce Department during the Clinton Administration, was assassinated following a sabotage airplane crash in Yugoslavia. He and a flight attendant survived the crash caused by foul play, moving the radio beacon so that t he plane was directed into a hill instead of the runway. Brown, as later shown by x-rays, was apparently murdered by being shot through the top of the head. The flight attendant, walking and in good order, was murdered by having a major artery slashed o n the way to be checked at the hospital. Two airport officials were later murdered, each "suicided", death by staged suicides. The U.S. Military, in a strange procedure, failed to investigate the crash.
Brown reportedly insisted to Clinton that Brown was not going to "take the fall", being the subject of a federal criminal prosecution, for pay-offs Brown received from the Red Chinese Secret Police to obtain secret U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITA RY secrets. Brown was murdered after he continued to insist he receive "part of the action".
KENNETH W. STARR spent huge taxpayer funds as supposed "Independent Counsel" for four years running half-heartedly against Bill and Hillary Clinton. Starr came up only with juicy sex-tales regarding Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. Most of the time, St arr spent in his PRIVATE law practice. His client? Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. From time to time, Clinton met with Wang Jun in or near the White House. As the assassinated flag officers were prepared to document, their Commander-in- Chief Clinton reportedly turned over to Wang Jun, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets, constituting the classic version of treason, aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of the United States.[U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.]
There was actually a stand-off between the Clintons and Starr. Why and how? At any moment, the Clinton Justice Department could prosecute Kenneth W. Starr as AN UNREGISTERED FOREIGN LOBBYIST for the Red Chinese government in Beijing. And the Wang Jun af fair could cause the jailing of both Bill Clinton and his supposed nemesis, Starr.
THE SECRET COURT, set up under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, has been inquiring whether to order wiretaps and other surveillance methods, as to the foregoing. They meet in soundproof facilities in the Justice Department building, Washington , D.C. The Bush Justice Department, however, is seeking to prevent two super-secret agencies from proceeding to extend their authority in respect to the foregoing. That is, the National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, and the National Security Agency, NSA. In charge of satellites and imaging systems, the NRO already has sufficient proof to prosecute each and every government official and operative herein mentioned.
George W. Bush is seeking to bottle up the S.E.C.-Red China aspect, which is just the opening part of the scandal. As a whitewash, Bush appointed a new chairman of a Congressionally mandate commission on Red China and U.S. security issues. In October, 2 002, Bush appointed as new chairman, Roger Robinson, of the U.S.-China Security Review Commission. Robinson can be depended on to conduct a reported whitewash to cover up some of the things mentioned herein. During the Reagan Administration, when Daddy Bush actually ran the White House for the two Reagan terms of office, Robinson was part of the National Security Council. Robinson was quoted in the Washington Times, 11/12/02, "It's troubling to learn that a soft, but sensitive, agency like the SEC may have been penetrated". Some consider that statement by Robinson merely to throw critics off their guard.
To further understand the foregoing, visit and study, the following
Our website series of many items "Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States". Also, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police". And the series on Marc Rich, particularly how he is helping a Red Chinese monopoly to foist non-lead bullets on the U. S. Military and eventually on ordinary Americans, called "Marc Rich---King of the U.S. Bullets".
What is the reason, none dare call this TREASON?
Will there be a whitewash to clear both Bill Clinto and George W. Bush?
More coming....Stay tuned. 

Sherman Skolnick's Report

by Sherman H. Skolnick 06/22/01

Some stories remain incomplete. Sometimes for months. Sometimes for years. In the beginning, they may sound like notes of a conspiracy theory. BUT, notice, our principal activity for more than four decades as a research and investigation group devoted to the public interest, has been fingering corrupt judges and probing political murders. We are NOT conspiracy theorists. A crooked judges does not get sent to jail, as we have caused again and again, by pie in the sky and mere philosophy. Pursuing matters accomplishes much.
Otherwise reliable sources, known to us for decades but never identified to preserve their position and safety, have urged us to pursue the following details. The story is obviously incomplete. To get the public to think differently than the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, we offer the following notes. YOU be the judge for this moment.
[1] SOME BACKGROUND. We were the first and probably among the very few to point out that Monica Lewinsky was reportedly positioned from an early age to be a Mata Hari type, to use sex to infiltrate the Clinton White House. From all the known facts, we were convinced and remain convinced, she was reportedly a creature of renegade units of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad. Apparently the acting deputy chief for North America for The Mossad was Rahm Emanuel, on and off for some six years Clinton White House Senior Advisor.
If you understand "spook" work, black bag operatives, and such, you can comprehend our assertion that Rahm was both a Clinton loyalist and a contributor to his scandals by way of manipulating him, all at the same time.
[2] Monica's father was originally from Central America. He was ostensibly a "sleeper agent" for The Mossad. That is, an intelligence asset pressed into service when and as needed. {Monica's father, like Chandra Levy's father, is an oncologist, tumor and cancer specialist.]
[3] Many have forgotten that Monica was later sent by Clinton to hold a key position in the Pentagon, as assistant to the Press Chief. She traveled on occasion with one or more of the top Pentagon officials. She admits one such official got her pregnant and she required an abortion. Her purpose, as we understood it, was to infiltrate close to the top U.S. military, including the Chiefs of Staff. Her task? To try to sniff out reportedly the names and details of the small circle of flag officers, Admirals and Generals, plotting, as authorized by the Military Code, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason. If Clinton were to have them arrested for mutiny, if they survived and were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with documented charges, for example, of Clinton's treason with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. [Visit our extensive website series on the "Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]
As we have incorporated details in past exclusive stories, there have been some 24 of these flag officers. Ten have been assassinated, including Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, and General David McCloud, head of the Alaska Military District. Of those who survived, they took up residence, out-of-uniform, in a Paris suburb, protected by the French CIA. So far as we can determine, we are the only ones, through our exclusive stories, to write about this subject of these very brave top military officers. Some three times during the Clinton White House they quietly returned to the U.S. Someday, no doubt a book will come out about this chapter in American history. Assisting these flag officers was former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, himself assassinated in 1996 and made falsely to seem to be a boat accident.
[4] After leaving the Clinton White House, Rahm Emanuel became a Managing Director of an alleged "investment banker", Wasserstein Perella. Their reputed specialty? Apparently laundering funds of the Red Chinese Secret Police through the Chicago markets. [Details in various of our website stories.]
Are the following apparent events a mere coincidence, a similarity, or what?
[5] Chandra Ann Levy as she became active was about the same age as Monica Lewinsky. And some surmise, Levy was reportedly a creation of renegade units of The Mossad, but not authorized as such by the State of Israel Government.
[6] Like Monica, the reputed purpose of Chandra was to infiltrate. To use her womanly wiles to find out things. She reportedly had a boyfriend in the FBI. She became an intern in THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, the winter and spring leading up to the date set originally, May 16, 2001, for the execution of Timothy McVeigh, described by the pressfakers as "the lone bomber". Cynics called him "Lee Harvey McVeigh", drawing an example of the alleged "lone assassin" of President John F. Kennedy.
[7] Ms Levy became friendly with Gary Condit, Democrat Congressman from her home district in California. He is from California's 18th Congressional District. Plainly, Condit was reportedly in a position to know highly classified data about McVeigh and the intelligence agencies. With topmost security clearance, Cong. Condit is a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The type of data Denver Trial Judge Richard Matsch refused to require the U.S. Government to turn over to McVeigh's Chief Defense Counsel, Stephen Jones. For Mcveigh, prior to the 1997 murder trial, Jones filed an extra-ordinary Petition in the next higher tribunal, U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver, McVeigh versus Judge Matsch, to try to compel Judge Matsch to require the data to be turned over to Jones. The federal appeals judges likewise refused. Judge Matsch, and the higher court judges, could easily be intimidated by the American CIA, reminding the judges about how several years prior, Judge Matsch's daughter Elizabeth was apparently murdered.
Judge Matsch was the one who covered up the billions of dollars of purported embezzlement done by Neil Bush, son of the Elder Bush. The rip-off was done of and through a Denver savings and loan, Silverado. [Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush" with documents attached of secret Federal Reserve wire transfers authorized by Greenspan for laundering billions of dollars, such as for Neil Bush and others of the Bush Family.] Judge Matsch saved Neil Bush from prison. The Judge's daughter was apparently murdered in 1992, before the Elder Bush left the White House.
[8] Some contend that Chandra Levy was also friendly with key Republicans. Including reportedly a circle of White House types that include White House RESIDENT and OCCUPANT George W. Bush's strategy chief, officially listed as White House Senior Advisor, Karl Rove. Just as some began pursuing details reportedly of this circle, others started an apparent diversion of Karl Rove on a stock situation involving a conflict of interest.
[9] Notice the time-line. "Ms Levy, a graduate student at the University of Southern California, spent the winter and early spring here AS AN INTERN WITH THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. DURING THAT TIME, a friend introduced her to Mr. Condit, who represents Modesto, Ms Levy's hometown. Her WASHINGTON INTERNSHIP ended on April 23. ON THE EVENING OF APRIL 30, she turned in her membership at a local health club, and the authorities say THAT WAS THE LAST TIME SHE WAS SEEN IN PUBLIC. ON MAY 6, her frantic parents, unable to reach her, REPORTED HER MISSING." New York Times, June 22, 2001 (Emphasis added.)
May 6, 2001, was ten days prior to the original date set for McVeigh's execution. From their unit Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune ran the following story, Thursday, May 10, 2001 "Washington--Federal law enforcement officials revealed Thursday that they had found some 3,000 pages of FBI materials that had been mislaid in the Oklahoma City bombing case, and defense attorneys for Timothy J. McVeigh immediately said they hope to win a stay of his execution scheduled in just five days".
As the New York Times stated in referring to Ms Levy's parents meeting with the District of Columbia's police chief, "The Levys, wearing yellow ribbons, looked dazed and tired as they met with reporters in the sweltering summer sun, both before and after their session with the chief. They said little, leaving most of the talking to THEIR LAWYER, BILLY MARTIN, former federal prosecutor WHO REPRESENTED MARCIA LEWIS, MOTHER OF MONICA S. LEWINSKY, during the inquiry into Ms Lewinsky's relationship with President Bill Clinton". NY Times, 6//22/2001 (Emphasis added.)
Some find it helpful, if not convenient, though not necessarily crucial, that Condit is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
So, did Chandra Ann Levy know too much about the real background of the Timothy McVeigh matter? Through her FBI boyfriend, through her internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and through her friendship with a Congressman, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and having topmost security clearance? Did she run for her life? Was she caused to "disappear"? Persuaded to leave the U.S.? Or just snuffed out?
Former intelligence operatives contend all this is important and urge further investigation. Are they right? The story is obviously incomplete but we believe it is an important start. More coming. Stay tuned.
[Visit our prior website stories to understand the motives of Clinton/Bush Family to cover up anything linked to the Oklahoma City bombings.] 

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